For the benefit of all individuals across this interconnected world.

  • Software
    • Any software developed with public money shall be open source for public scrutiny, knowledge development, and innovation.
    • The appropriated license for usage must be respected but the distribution of its content and knowledge should be allowed.
  • Intellectual Propriety
    • Any consumer shall have the right to reverse engineer any component of its acquired products.
    • The modification and customization for private usage must be unrestricted.
    • All consumer products shall have a clear life cycle with a timeline that contains a date for the end of software support AND release of its source code.
  • ¬†Security by Design
    • Any connected device must be capable of automatic and unattended updates for critical security vulnerabilities.
    • If patches for high-severity vulnerabilities are not available, anyone should be allowed to leverage the vulnerability only to fix or brick the device.
  • Hack Back
    • Any individual, company, or nation shall be allowed to fight back (defense) against threat actors of all kinds, except to defend its interests.
  • Responsible Disclosure
    • Anyone shall be allowed to responsibly disclose vulnerabilities and anti-ethical designs when following industry standards for allowing vendors to provide and push necessary patches.

This manifesto is not currently in use by anyone anywhere. Instead, it is a starting point for fundamentally based discussions.