For the load balancing and/or failover is necessary a minimum of 3 interfaces, one for LAN and two for WAN.

On Interfaces > Interfaces Assignments all the interfaces must be added:

It is also necessary to do basic configuration and give a meaningful name to it:

You will note that the monitored IP is the same as the Gateway for each interface, which means if the link between the pfSense and the gateway is broken it will failover to the other interface.

But there is a situation when the ISP routers are accessible but there is no internet on the WAN interface of that router, for that case another host on the internet can be ser, for example, and But leave it for now.

Go to System > Routing > Gateway Group and “+ Add” both gateways together.

  • Give a meaning full name and description are good practices but the most important is to define the priority and the trigger level.
  • Assign the same priority will make the load balance functionality.
  • If one of the WAN is metered and should only be used as a backup route, assign another priority.
  • Packet loss and high latency will monitor the packages flowing through the interface and will detach temporarily the interface from the group if not working normally.

Not necessary to say that all the changes must be applied…