Greenbone Vulnerability Manager, former OpenVAS, is a full-featured free open-source vulnerability scanner with enterprise grade features.

It is capable of unauthenticated and authenticated testing for internet and industrial protocols under various levels of intrusion.


  • 4 vCPU (2 in the minimum but does not work properly)
  • 8GB of RAM (less might crash the server)
  • 50GB of Storage (will be 25% utilized after deployment)


sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y && sudo apt install curl python3 python3-pip docker-compose -y

Deploying Greenbone Vulnerability Manager (GVM) as a Docker container:

export DOWNLOAD_DIR=$HOME/greenbone-community-container && mkdir -p $DOWNLOAD_DIR && cd $DOWNLOAD_DIR
curl -f -L -o docker-compose.yml
sudo docker-compose -f $DOWNLOAD_DIR/docker-compose.yml -p greenbone-community-edition up -d
sudo docker-compose -f $DOWNLOAD_DIR/docker-compose.yml -p greenbone-community-edition exec -u gvmd gvmd gvmd --user=admin --new-password="strongPassword"

On the browser, navigate to

curl -f -O && chmod u+x
sudo ./ 22.4

Installing directly on the operating system follow a good tutorial [Link] but be aware that it is painful!


The first time the container is started it takes several minutes to download the latest vulnerability updates.

Navigate to Administrations > Feed Status. Wait until the status of all of the feeds is up to date (“current”).

Alternatively, watch output logs in real-time issuing:

sudo docker-compose -f $DOWNLOAD_DIR/docker-compose.yml -p greenbone-community-edition logs -f